Collector Edition Functionality

In addition to all of the research capabilities of the Insight account, the Collector Edition allows you to:

  • Securely manage your collection in one place
  • Track physical attributes, purchase details, location, appraisal and more
  • Store appraisals, invoices, hi-res images, and other collection documents
  • Generate reports and tearsheets

For detail on the Price Database and artist and artwork research functionality, please see our Insights Edition article.


The Collection Summary provides a high level view of your collection. Each area of the pie chart can be moused over and clicked through into order to see value of a particular medium, artist, period, or decade.


You can add new works by clicking + Add Work or using our Bulk Upload functionality.

When adding a new work you can add images, documents related to the asset, appraisal info, and more. You can select from a variety of purchase types (e.g., Auction, Gallery, Private Sale, Gift). If you don't see a field that you want to track, you can create a custom field. 

Once you've created an asset you can edit any field by clicking Edit Work.

When viewing an asset you can click the create tearsheet button to create a customizable one-page PDF for the asset.

Your Collection List is searchable and sortable. We offer both simple search by title or artist as well as advanced search which allows you to search along a number of dimensions.

You can click on one or more works in the collection list in order to generate a printable PDF of those works.


The documents section allows you to track documents across your collection such as multi-item appraisals, insurance information, and bills of sale for multiple items. 

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